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"Thanks go to you and your staff for all you did to make my appointment last Tuesday as pleasant and painless as possible. Your professionalism and that of your staff is greatly appreciated, as is the caring environment that you have created. And best of all, I had no pain or discomfort whatsoever from the procedure you performed (even though you said I may experience soreness). I only wish I had asked Dr. F for a dental recommendation sooner.

"Thanks again to all of you. I can say honestly that I look forward to seeing you in December."

- Elaine R.

"This letter is long overdue, but better late than never, right? When I first came to you, more than twenty-five years ago, it was out of sheer desperation. I needed two root canals as well as a full upper denture and a lower partial. In order to be successful in my job, I needed dentures that were going to fit properly and dentures that would allow me to speak properly. And knowing that you had fit my wife's eighty year old Grandmother (for the first time) with dentures that never needed any adjustment, who better to come to then you? I admit, I was hesitant and apprehensive at first, but only because of all the negative experiences I had had in the past. In fact, due to those negative experiences, I was quite frank with you and my choice of words, at the time, were somewhat harsh, but that's what fear and pain can do. Looking back now, I can only wonder what you must have thought!

"Well twenty-five years, two sets of dentures and a few adjustments later, you are still my dentist, but more than that you are my friend. Was it fate or God's will that led me to you? I guess we'll never know, but one thing I do know, my gratitude is great. Thanks to you, I have been able to do my job and do it well. Thanks to you, pain and fear became a thing of the past. And thanks to you, I stopped dreading my appointments and started looking forward to them. Thank you Dr. Sawchuk for everything. You are a true 'Gentle Man' in every sense of the word."

- Howard P.

"I wanted to express my sincere appreciation and that of my brother, Tommy. Your willingness to treat Tommy through the Maryland Program for the Handicapped and your time and efforts are very much appreciated. Without your assistance, Tommy would not have been able to get routine dental work done in preparation for his new dentures.

"We appreciate your generosity in the giving of your time from your office and regular appointments in order to treat Tommy through this program. Your donation of many hours in utilizing your expertise and knowledge in order to carry Tommy from start to finish is extremely honorable and commendable.

"It is wonderful that you and others serve in this program for the disadvantaged and help those persons who would not be able to receive excellent care and treatment without your generosity and willingness to help them.

"Thank you very much for your time, efforts and for caring. It has certainly meant so much to my brother and me. We are both very grateful."

- Mary M.

"I wanted to offer a most sincere and overdue thank you to Dr. John Sawchuk and his wonderful staff. In a time when a patient often feels like a customer with a number in hand, Dr. Sawchuk and his staff made it a point to offer the best dental care and service available. From the first day I set foot in his office, Dr. Sawchuk made me feel welcome and at ease. Over the past five years I have been in his dental care, Dr. Sawchuk and his staff have continued to provide exceptional care in a comfortable and friendly environment.

"I happily share my dental experience with friend and stranger alike, offering Dr. Sawchuk's phone number when someone is in need of a good dentist. It is this patient's opinion that Dr. Sawchuk is well beyond "good,” he is the best!"

- Ellie V.

"We the staff of Dulaney Station and Ms. D are thanking you for the extensive dental work that was done.

"Dulaney Station is residential program for the chronically mentally ill and these clients have no dental insurance to cover their needs. We are very grateful for the Maryland Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped who have helped so many of our clients.

"Thank you again for your kindness, hoping you will be able to continue helping clients."

- Patricia H.

"Thank you for giving the dental presentation to the third grade at Pleasant Plains School. I know they enjoyed it."

- JoAnn F.

"The bridge remains in place, the bite is comfortable and it feels less foreign every day. The flossing in that area is quite easy and only takes a few extra seconds. In short, we're getting along well.

"Thank you and your staff for your fine, careful work and the unhurried, caring environment. I appreciate them very much and hope to see you all in June."

- Elaine P.

"I wanted to thank you for ordering my gumballs. I guess everyone has their idiosyncrasies and I am no different. One of mine just happens to be that I pop a gumball in my mouth each morning after I finished brushing my teeth. Oh well, I guess it could be worse, right?

"Also I wanted to thank you, Dr. Sawchuk and your staff for all the care, concern, consideration and kindness you show each and every patient. In the past, I feared (petrified is a better word) going to the dentist. I broke out in a sweat before I even got in the chair and at the end of the visit my hands had to be pried from the same chair. I am not making this up, that's just how it was for me until I started seeing Dr. Sawchuk. When I call him, The Gentle Dental, I'm not joking or making light of how I feel. Now, I actually look forward to my appointments. Sounds crazy doesn't it? When I arrive, I am no longer scared, in fact, I am relaxed. Who would believe it? And I look forward to the camaraderie I have with everyone. You don't run your business like a business, you run it like a family, perhaps that is your secret to success. Well, whatever, keep up the good work. When all is said and done, you really are the Best of the Best!"

- Peggy P.

"To the extra special Dr. Sawchuk and his staff who took the time and patience to be my dentist – The work is perfect! I will always be thankful and grateful for the extra special service you provided."

- Mary D.

"It still amazes me when I come in for a dental appointment and find I am not scared. Yesterday's visit was probably the longest ever and maybe the most involved, but thanks to you, I remained calm. I am glad the fear, apprehension and dread I experienced as a child is just a memory.

"I want to say a heartfelt, "Thank You" to everyone. Each time I visit, you make me feel welcome and you put me at ease. I'm sure you will say "you are just doing your job", but it's more than that. You listen to your patients and put their needs first. You always give them your undivided attention and never fail to explain each step of each procedure.

"As I have told you before you are a master of your craft and a combination of talent. You are an artist as you make your design, you are a chemist as you select the mixture to be used. You are a sleuth as you develop your plan, you are a philosopher as you communicate with your patients and finally, a magician as you perform your magic. Oh yeah, and you are very, very nice."

- Margaret P.